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Our History

Taylor Credit Union is a financial cooperative. Chartered in 1951 under the name of Taylor County Co-op Credit Union, it was originally created to serve the members and employees of the Medford-Stetsonville Farmer’s Union and was located in the Farmer’s Union Co-op building on Whelen Ave. In 1965 the credit union grew out of those small quarters and moved into the Farmer’s Union Appliance store building.

In the early spring of 1977 construction began on a new building and by October of the same year Taylor County Co-op Credit Union moved to 825 E. Allman where it still remains. In the 1980’s the credit union’s field of membership expanded to include persons living or working in Taylor County or within a 25-mile radius of the city of Medford.

In 1995 two significant things happened, Taylor County Co-op Credit Union changed their name to Taylor Credit Union and remodeled the building to allow for growth.

In November of 2001 Taylor Credit Union’s area was expanded to include Price and Clark Counties in their charter along with all the areas of the past.

In April 2009, Taylor Credit Union open the doors to its first branch located in Abbotsford. The field of membership was expanded to serve members who live or work in Lincoln, Price, Taylor, Clark and Marathon counties.

Membership Eligibility

To become a member of Taylor Credit Union, you must qualify in one of the three areas:

  • Live or work in Taylor, Price, Lincoln, Marathon or Clark Counties.
  • Live or work within a 25-mile radius of Medford.
  • Family of a member who belongs to Taylor Credit Union.

There is a required deposit of $5.00 into your primary savings account. It not only earns you dividends, but also allows you to be eligible for all credit union services and benefits.

Deposits are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

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Our Financials

As a member of a credit union, you have the right to see how your credit union is doing financially. To view our annual report, click here.


We proudly support local nonprofit charities within our membership. We make donations to various organizations annually.

Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) – Children’s Miracle Network was established nationally in 1983. The Wisconsin Credit Unions joined forces with CMN in 1996. Credit Union’s philosophy is “People Helping People”, so therefore it felt right that partnering with Children’s Miracle Network was a perfect fit. Children’s Miracle Network provides programs, services and treatment for sick and injured children.

Christmas Wish – This program has given back to the community since 2000. Local Cooperatives and Credit unions along with WIGM/K99 Radio have partnered and give over $6,500.00 each year. The group helps needy families and families going through a stressful time because they are grieving for the death of a close family member. Requests are submitted during the month of December and wishes are granted just in time for Christmas!

Because we focus strongly on the community, our donation dollars support local nonprofit organizations, youth groups, and help to educate our members.

Community Events Chamber of Commerce
Special Olympics Abuse Shelter
United Way Local Benefits
Alzheimer’s Association Local Veterans
Local Libraries The Honor Flight
Performing Arts Show Case Players
Abbotsford Christmas Parade Taylor County Fair
Christmas Giving Tree Local Police & Fire Departments
Local Libraries And Many More