Business Account Information

We provide great service to our business members.

Deciding what type of business is required may be confusing. We encourage our business members to talk with their accountant or an attorney before they open an account.

  • Free cash and coin exchange to business members.
  • Originate Electronic Payroll – Beneficial for employees and employers. Your employees do not need to have an account at Taylor Credit Union.
    Offering direct deposit to your employees can be simple by allowing us to originate your payroll for you. To open a business account with us; these documents must be present at the time of opening:

    • Sole Proprietorship
      • Social Security Number
      • Copies of proof of business
      • Business name
    • Partnership
      • EIN (Ex: XX-XXXXXXX)
      • Notarized partnership agreement
      • Business name
    • LLC
      • EIN (Ex: XX-XXXXXXX) or Social Security Number (if this is a single member LLC)
      • Copies of Articles of Organization
      • Business name
    • Organization, Group, or Club
      • EIN (Ex: XX-XXXXXXX) or Social Security Number
      • Articles of Organization,
      • Or other paperwork noting directors and those authorized to transact business on behalf of the Association/Organization. Whichever of the prior documents are provided must specifically list the individual(s) opening the account.
      • Copies of proof of business