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Primary Share Savings

  • Primary Share Savings Account is your main savings account for becoming a member at Taylor Credit Union.
    • $5 minimum balance required
    • Dividends compounded daily & credited quarterly
    • Free online banking
    • Each membership is required to have a primary savings account
    • Free E-Statements

Secondary Savings

  • A secondary savings account is ideal to help you save for a new car, a down payment for a new home, a vacation, or anything you wish!
    • No minimum balance
    • Dividends compounded daily & credited quarterly
    • Multiple savings accounts can be opened to separate funds
    • Free E-Statements

Money Market

  • Money market accounts offer a tiered dividend rate, the more money that is in the account the higher the dividend!
    • $2500 minimum balance
    • Dividends compounded daily & credited quarterly
    • Tiered dividend rate based on balance in the money market
    • Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time without penalty
    • Free E-Statements

Christmas Club Savings

  • Christmas club accounts can be opened at any time throughout the year. Open one to help prepare yourself for the holidays!
    • No minimum balance
    • Funds in account are paid out on Oct 1st each year
    • $5 early withdrawal fee applies to funds withdrawn from this account
    • Free E-Statements

Funeral Trust

  • Funeral trust accounts help you financially take care of paying for your funeral; this will result in less of a burden for your loved ones in their time of grief.
    • Must have funeral trust agreement from the funeral home
    • Funds can be added to the funeral trust at any time
    • Funds in account are paid out to the trustee funeral home upon owners death
    • Free E-Statements

Coverdell Education Savings

  • A Coverdell education savings account can be used to save for the cost of college, and anyone can contribute!
    • Funds deposited are tax free when used for education
    • Funds can be used for education expenses
    • Free E-Statements