Additional Services

Notary Services
Notary Service is available when the lobby is open Monday through Saturday. This is a free service to our members. A notary certifies signatures for authenticity.

Collectible Coins
Collectible Coins work great when you are looking for the perfect gift for someone that has everything! Silver Eagle Dollars, Birthday, Confirmation, First Communion, Baptism, Anniversary, Wedding, New Baby, Thank You, and special occasion coins can all be ordered.
You can visit the United States Mint to purchase collectible coins.

Change of Address
In order for us to update your information in our database, we need your signature authorizing the request. Please complete the Change of Address form found in the link below.  You may return it by mail, fax or in person.

Change of Address Form

Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors
We have Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors on staff available to assist you with your financial questions.

  • To test your financial stability, answer the following ten questions regarding financial danger signs.
    • Are you borrowing money on your credit cards to pay current bills?
    • Are you charging everyday expenses or small items?
    • Are money arguments increasing in your household?
    • Are you paying more than 20% of your take home income for installment purchases and credit card charges? (This figure may be flexible if you are paying a lower than average house payment.)
    • Are you forced to reduce your debt repayments in order to pay for food and housing expenses?
    • Are you receiving your current monthly bills before you have paid last month’s bills?
    • Are you unable to save money for anticipated annual and occasional expenses such as insurance premiums or auto repair?
    • Are you taking out more loans before the old loans are paid off?
    • What is your total credit indebtedness? Is it more than you can pay off in 13 months?
    • Do your charge account balances grow each month?

If you answered yes to at least four of the above questions, you may want to consider contacting us to set up a meeting with a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor.

Visa Gift Cards / Travel Money Cards
For your convenience, VISA Gift and Travel Money Cards are available.

  • Visa Gift Cards
    • VISA® Gift Cards have several styles to pick from.
    • Great gift alternative instead of giving cash.
    • Can be used anywhere VISA® is accepted.
  • Travel Money Cards
    • Travel Money Card is a reloadable prepaid VISA® card
    • The card allows you to do many features such as cash back, purchases and ATM withdrawals.
    • The card will be accepted anywhere VISA® is accepted.

Money Orders
Money orders are available for purchase and can be used for many forms of payment.