Fee Schedule

Revised 3-1-2016

Royale Share Draft/Checking Fees
Monthly Fee $5.50 per month
Each Additional Person with Ins $1.40 per month
Senior Citizens (60) $3.00 per month
Traditional Share Draft/Checking
Traditional Shared Draft/Checking No Fee
Flex Share Draft/Checking
Flex Share Draft/Checking No Fee
Business Checking Accounts
Over 500 deposited items monthly $0.07 per item
Common Fees to All Share Draft/Checking & EFT-ACH
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees $25.00 per item
Overdraft Fee w/Loan Transfer $5.00 per transfer
Overdraft w/Savings Transfer $5.00 per transfer
Stop Payment Fee $20.00 per item
Closed Account Fee (CU close) $37.00 per account
Certificate Draft $20.00 per item
Share Draft Copy Fee $3.00 per copy
Account Balancing/Research Fee $25.00 per hour
Check Printing Fees Varies based on Style
Paper Statement Fee $1.00 per month
VISA Check Card Fees
VISA Check Card No Fees
Any Non-Network ATM Withdrawals $1.00 per transaction (after 5 free)
Replacement Cards (VISA Check Card) $15.00 per card
Rush replacement card fee $50.00 per card
Pin reset fee $5.00 per request
Christmas Club Account
Withdrawal/Transfer Fee (Before October 1st) $5.00 per transaction
Close Account (Before October 1st) $10.00 per account
Wire Transfers
Regular Wire Transfer Fee Outgoing $25.00 per transaction
Regular Wire Transfer Fee Incoming $10.00 per transaction
Foreign Wire Transfer Fee $90.00 per destination
Prepaid Cards
Travel Money Card $6.00 per card
Gift Cards $4.00 per card
Travel Money Card Reload $4.00 per card
Safe Deposit Box Fee
3″ x 5″ $20.00 per year
3″ x 10″ $30.00 per year
5″ x 10″ $35.00 per year
10″ x 10″ $50.00 per year
Key Replacement Actual Cost
Box Drilling & New Lock Actual Cost
Research / Special Project Fee $25.00 per hour
Certified Corporate Check $25.00 per check
Corporate Check Paid to a 3rd Party $5.00 per check
Corporate Check Copy $10.00 per copy
Statement Copy/Account Printout Fee $2.00 per statement
Money Order Fee $3.00 per item
Returned Check Fee $25.00 per item
Inactive Account Fee (Over 12 months, Less than $1,000.00) $5.00 per month
Fax Service – Send/Receive $2.00 per page
Photocopy $0.30 per copy
Notary Service No Fee
Foreign Check Processing Fee $8.00 per check
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 per check (savings only-with daily balance below $100)
Return Mail Fee $5.00 per piece
Membership closed fee- (only if within 12 months of opening) $5.00 per occurrence
Tax Levy Fee $25.00 per levy
Return e-mail fee $5.00 per return
ACH / Auto Transfer Temp Stop Fee $5.00 per account
Loan payment reversal fee $5.00 per payment
Bill Pay Usage $1.00 per bill (after 7 free)
MasterCard, Visa, Visa Gold
Delinquent Fee $20.00 per month
Replacement Card Fee (MasterCard, Visa & Visa Gold) $15.00 per card
Rush Replacement Card Fee $50.00 per card

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Medford, WI   54451-0427
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