Student Credit Union

What is the Student Credit Union?

We are proud to sponsor a Student Credit Union in the Immanuel Lutheran and Holy Rosary Catholic schools in Medford, and the Abbotsford Elementary School. The Student Credit Union is open one day each week from November through March.

  • The Student Credit Union is run by students of the school, and overseen by Taylor Credit Union employees.
  • We all know it is easier to SPEND than SAVE. Saving at a young age develops into a habit, which leads to healthy budgeting in their future. This is the value of the Student Credit Union
  • Participation in the SCU program is voluntary.

New for the 2019-2020 School Year!

This year, Taylor Credit Union set a 250 deposit goal for each school.  If each school makes a total of 250 deposits, of $1 or more, Taylor Credit Union will donate $250.00 to the school!  That’s 250 deposits during the 2019-2020 school year.  Help us reach that goal and Holy Rosary Catholic, Immanuel Lutheran, and Abbotsford Elementary could receive $250.00.

How does my child get started?

Your child will need to attend Abbotsford Elementary, Immanuel Lutheran School in Medford, or Holy Rosary School in Medford, and have an account at Taylor Credit Union.

Students that currently have an account at Taylor Credit Union are already set to go!

Did you know?

Studies have shown that more often than not young adults do not have the skills needed to set financial goals. Too often, they believe that possessions are acquired through credit cards rather than learning to save for what they want. We want to change this by teaching students to set goals and save their money routinely so it becomes a habit for them in the future.