March Into Reading

Taylor Credit Union is raising funds to help make your home literacy rich!  In our 2nd Annual March Into Reading fundraiser we are having a Treasure Hunt!

You will need all six pieces of the riddle to find the treasure!  We will release a piece of the riddle here on our website at each donation milestone: $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, and $2500.  At our goal of $3000 we will release the final piece of the riddle at the Credit Union!

Donations can also be made on Facebook here.

Medford and Abbotsford each have their own riddle and hidden treasure!

Medford Riddle:

Between the Black and Frances,

The standards, pieces of eight.

To a plaque the eight direct;

Step one of three you must connect.

In Emmerich’s stone, seven by five

The third number you need repeats, repeats.

From Emmerich’s stone, across the span

With Milton’s twins, the eight legged lion stands.

In the Lion’s belly, a jade tabletop;

Count the planks and number two you’ve got.

From the Lion, nine lines you must cross

To a guidepost atop green and colored frost.

Two steel lines in earth, seven Al lines in heaven

The first number you need, between 3 and 7.

One number these three now must become,

The order you found them was three, two, one.

To Whelen take south this one, two, three.

Across from the numbers a star by the sea.

From star to waxing crescent three steps take thee.

Uncork the bottle, set the treasure free!

Abbotsford Riddle:

In Wisconsin’s first city, a Hall and Archive,

The place you’ll begin to collect the five.

North from the Hall, a face hidden green,

On his left side, the last red number seen.

Now south on this first, where three toadstools have grown

A white entry against red, a glass sunrise is shown.

Three numbers above this sun you can see,

The number you need stands first of the three.

Now to 1922 to take arms and fight

Metal numbers on wood, attached in plain sight.

In the arched entryway these numbers you see;

Take four and subtract the sum of the three.

The fourth piece you need, a cardinal direction.

The direction is found in Erv’s medal collection.

A Wednesday in January, 1990’s the year

The direction is traveled by a midseason skier.

Now piece number five, where the blue ribbon hangs,

The door is guarded by a beast with stone fangs.

Behind the great beast, a prickly plant shown;

How many bricks high has this ungrowing plant grown?

You now have the five, quite a great feat!

The first three are one, and the last is a street.

In the four corners of the lot, with their toes in the ground,

In the hands of the southeastern beauty, the treasure is found.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following businesses for supporting this fundraiser:

  • Suds & Bucket Cleaning
  • D&W Farms
  • Taylor Electric Coop
  • Bartelt Bus Services LLC
  • 3 TRAK Trucking LLC