DADD – Online Access

There are many new features which include:

  • Secure messaging, so you can converse with our staff.  This can be initiated from both you and our staff.
  •  E-alerts – to receive notices of different things that happen on your account.Click to view the demo for our new DADD.

DADD (Direct Access Detailed & Dependable)

  • Allows you to access your accounts online anytime.
  • Access your account from anywhere in the world. DADD is always available.
  • You can check account balances, see what checks and transactions have cleared, transfer money between accounts, and make loan payments.

How to Enroll to Access your Account:

  • Go to our website and click click on the ‘New User’ words, under DADD online access login.
  • After you are asked for personal information, agree to terms.
  • When you submit your information, a secure email will be sent to TCU saying you are interested in enrolling in DADD.

Mobile App
If you have a smart phone, you may also want to check out our Mobile App.

  • Must already have access to DADD online banking.
  • Search Taylor Credit Union in your App store, and download.
  • Log into DADD online banking.
  • Click on the menu button on the top left.
  • click on device activation/management under services.
  • Choose mobile device activation.
  • Log into your Taylor Credit Union App.
    Remote Deposit Capture Available!