DADD – Online Access

There are many new features which include:

  • Secure messaging, so you can converse with our staff.  This can be initiated from both you and our staff.
  • E-alerts – to receive notices of different things that happen on your account.

Click to view the demo for our new DADD.

DADD (Direct Access Detailed & Dependable)

  • Allows you to access your accounts online anytime.
  • Access your account from anywhere in the world. DADD is always available.
  • You can check account balances, see what checks and transactions have cleared, transfer money between accounts, and make loan payments.

How to Enroll to Access your Account:

  • Go to our website and click click on the ‘New User’ words, under DADD online access login.
  • After you are asked for personal information, agree to terms.
  • When you submit your information, a secure email will be sent to TCU saying you are interested in enrolling in DADD.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a free service to you as a Taylor Credit Union member.*  It is an exciting feature of DADD.  You can pay any bill from your checking account without the need for stamps, envelopes or checks.  Once you are enrolled in Bill Pay, you just set up when you want your bills to be paid and Bill Pay does the rest!  You can verify that your payment has been made by viewing your account online.  Bill Pay is linked to your checking account only.

*After 7 Bill Pays, a $1.00 fee will be applied.

To enroll in Bill Pay, follow these steps:

  1.  Click on the menu button on the top left, and select Bill Pay under services.
  2.  Answer the questions that follow.

Mobile App

Our mobile app has underwent an upgrade.  The biggest change you will see is the update of our old logo to our new logo.  Another change you will notice is that the design and layout mimics our online DADD.  There are also a few new features.  Please see below for the list of new features, our current features and watch a tutorial video about the app.

Click to view the demo for our updated Mobile App.

Updated User Experience

  • New tab-based design
  • Updated account summary and history
  • Updated Remote Deposit
  • Support for iPhone X
  • Support for Face ID login
  • Support for Fingerprint login

Current Features We Have

  • In app High Risk Authentication
  • Create and manage scheduled transfers
  • Create and manage external accounts
  • Create and manage external transfers
  • View eStatements and documents
  • Forgot Password/Forgot Username inbedded in in app
  • Add image pre-processing to RDC
  • History now shows the most recent month with transactions on load
  • Add support for Change Phone Number ##### Improvements
  • Holds/Pledges/Pending ACH
  • Outstanding NSF
  • Manage External accounts/transfers
  • Scheduled Transfers
  • eStatements
  • Account/User Settings
  • ATM/Branch Locator

What you need to do to set up our Taylor Credit Union Mobile App.

  • Must already have access to DADD online banking.
  • Search Taylor Credit Union in the App Store or Google Play, and download.
  • Login to your account on the mobile app
  • Register your mobile device
  • Confirm device registration through email or online
  • Enjoy the convenience of accessing your accounts on our Taylor Credit Union Mobile App.